Write for Us: Spread the Beauty

Are you a beauty or health blogger looking to expand your reach, grow your audience and get recognized on the crowded web? Can you produce well-researched, original and interesting content related to skin care? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

We consider for publication anything related to:

  • Skin care
  • Makeup
  • Moisturizers
  • Herbal skin remedies
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin disorders
  • General skin health

These are topics that appeal to a wide range of health conscious consumers.

Why should you become a guest blogger?

Well, the primary reason to submit content to BestMoisturizerGuide.com is that you share the same goals and vision we do: to inform and educate the world about achieving and maintaining healthy skin. That being said, as a guest blogger, you’ll receive recognition and attribution for your work.

When you submit a story, you’ll be able to add a personal link in the body of your article, plus a link in your author bio at the end of the article. This will help you gain exposure for your own site or service and will set you apart as a knowledgeable professional.

Posting Guidelines

  1. Be original: That means that what you write cannot have been posted anywhere else. We do accept photos and videos that have been previously published elsewhere, but they must be part of an original article produced solely for BestMoisturizerGuide.com. We use tools like Copyscape to help us evaluate the originality of all articles submitted to us.
  2. Be professional: Proofread your work. We don’t want your first draft and we expect that grammatical errors and misspelled words will be minimal by the time you submit your work to us. We don’t mind making minor corrections were necessary. Hey, we’re all human. But articles that are chock-full or writing errors stand less of a chance of being accepted.
  3. Be yourself: Write in a tone that is true to who you are. These are guest posts, written by people from all walks of life, and we want your voice to shine through in your work. With that in mind, make sure your tone matches the subject matter and is easy enough for most people to read. We are looking for simple, easy to understand writing that still showcases your unique voice and passion.
  4. References: Use references and links in your article when appropriate. If possible, we prefer that you link at least once to an article already published on BestMoisturizerGuide.com, but otherwise only link to highly authoritative sources. You may link to one of your own sites or articles once within the body of your post, but it must match the context of what you are writing about and should not distract from the flow of the article.
  5. No selling: The purpose of BugOutPrep.com is to inform and educate, and those are the types of articles we want to see. We will not accept sales letters or press release type articles. If you have a product or service you would like to mention, please do so using the link in your author bio.
  6. Possibilities: If you show that you can produce good quality content that our readers enjoy and that fits within our mission, we may ask you to become a regular contributor. This is a great opportunity for more exposure and potential financial rewards.

How to I submit content to BestMoisturizerGuide.com?

That’s the easy part. Just read up on the guidelines above and prepare your article. Then go to our guest post submission form and follow the easy steps to send it to us.

We do not guarantee that your article will be accepted, but if you follow our guidelines there is a very good chance that it will be. Either way, we will contact you as quickly as possible (usually within one or two business days). We will either let you know it’s been accepted and when it will be published, or why it wasn’t accepted and what you can do to improve it for reconsideration.