Understanding Skin Peels: Choosing & Using the Right One

Understanding Skin PeelsFor so many people, skin peels are the kind of stuff best avoided or left to the guys who make horror movies. Due to experience, stories heard, movies watched and to some, even pop legend Michael Jackson’s latter physical appearance, anything with the word ‘chemical’ in it should be avoided.

Well, perhaps it would help to understand the concept of chemical peels (skin peels or face peels) depending on application. It might be the difference between unrivaled beauty and horror dates.

Early History of Skin Peels

Early civilizations like Egypt figured out early enough that to be noticed by Pharaoh took a lot more than intelligence. They thus traveled far and wide in search of any chemical peel or face peel that they could apply in order to fight those unwanted effects of skin exposure to light mostly known as free radicals and came back with great success.

It is from those ancient civilizations that we also derive our inspiration, powered by great advances in medicine and technology to make possible some of the finest skin and face peels of the modern era.

Many a skin peel today is filled with ingredients and boosters that aid in fights against acne (whiteheads and blackheads on skin), fine lines and wrinkles, melasma among others.

Most common ingredients include vitamin c, Grape seed, retinol, etc that are incorporated into the products in their original form in order for them to have their natural effect on the skin and face.

The human skin is daily exposed to the rigors of this world- sun-light and industrial fumes affect us constantly as does natural aging among other issues. The result is that we are faced with a constant battle with free radicals that damage our skin cells and clog our skin pores. There has to be a way to ward them off, to unclog the clogged pores so that our skin can ‘breath’ and rebuild our damaged cells.

Choosing the Right Skin Peel

A face peel or skin/ chemical peel is supposed to be applied after figuring out what the skin needs. A person battling with acne needs a skin peel that treats acne (or face peel depending on affected part) and a person who is aiming to age gracefully also needs to apply chemical peels that rejuvenate and moisturize the skin consistently.

Understanding what your skin needs is paramount if you are going to register great success with skin peels. Seeking professional advice is a good start, knowing where to buy what at the correct price is just as important as there are very many fakes on the market both in personnel and products.

Lastly, listen to the great testimonies of success with any skin or face peel just as eagerly as you listen to those that detract from the importance of these products. This is because buried beneath those destructive comments are some of the best beauty success stories you will ever hear. Skin peels are here to help, not destroy and every celebrity or beauty you admire is a testimony to that.

is the author of this article. She is owner of homepeel founded in 2006. Homepeel offers salon quality skin peels for home use at a fraction of the cost. Their full range of products is made in Australia.

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