Sparkling Lip Gloss for a Refined and Sophisticated Look

Well made lips can add grace to anyone’s face and a warm and friendly touch to their smile. Every woman craves to have attractive lips because when made up properly, lips have an inherent capability of transforming the appearance of the entire face. However, giving your lips such an attractive appearance not only requires natural care and attention but also wise makeup. A sparkling lip gloss is one such fashion accessory that can give a luscious look to your lips, making them eye catching and appealing.

It is certainly not enough to have a sparkling lip gloss in your makeup kit to make you appear elegant and chic. Choice of color of the gloss as per the occasion, dress and skin tone is important since it can either make or break the appearance of your lips.

sparkling lip gloss

If you want to ride high on finesse and sophistication, here are some sparkling lip gloss color suggestions:


One of the most widely subscribed to and trendiest color of lip gloss is golden. Not only does it appear to be the choice of the uber rich, but also a shade of lip gloss known for the sophistication that it adds to the lips of the wearer. This shade is a king among lip gloss colors of both day and night. It imparts an unparalleled shine to the lips besides a high glossy finish. Its versatility quotient is very high as it can be applied over lipstick of any color to add glitter.


A vibrant and fiery red sparkling lip gloss is a treat to the onlooker’s eyes. While shopping around for sparkling red lip gloss, make sure you do not settle for anything less such as strawberry. The bright red lip gloss gives your lips a festive feel and makes you feel elegant in your own unique way. Red goes well with almost all skin tones and when you team it up with a black dress, you reach the pinnacle of refined and sophisticated looks. During day time sparkling red lip gloss can act as a lipstick as well go well with nude tones of blush and eye shadow.

sparkling lip gloss 2Orange

It shall be wise to accept that carrying sparkling orange lip gloss well is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you can pull it off in style and plush elegance, you will stop nothing short of being the show-stopper of the evening. Orange lip gloss works well with fair skins since it has a remarkable capability of brightening up your face instantly. Just pair up a little eye pencil makeup with orange sparkle lip gloss and enjoy heads turning towards you.


This is one color that never goes out of style and is known to be the shade of the rich and famous. Shimmery bronze goes well with brown tone lipsticks or when used without them, it gives a remarkably nude appearance to your lips.


Purple adds affluence to your lips. Dark purple sparkling lip gloss with a hint of maroon in it is enough to achieve a great lip color even without any lipstick in the background. Purple can also be used to tone down any lipstick shade that appears to be too loud for the occasion.


All those craving for a dark lip have a savior in the form of a plum colored lip gloss. Plum lip gloss is perfect when your aim is to have more class and less drama in your vanity case. Sparkling plum lip gloss is a perfect companion for night outs.

Use the Right Sparkling Lip gloss for the Right Occasion

With the availability of mineral lip gloss in sparkling colors, you are spared of worries about the harmful effects of sparkling lip glosses on your lips. The lip gloss colors suggested above can go a long way in providing you a fine and sophisticated look that you so dearly desire.

This article was contributed by Pauline Youngblood, founder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Pauline draws inspiration from nature as well as her own practical experience as a paramedical aestheticism to dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

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