Sparkling Lip Gloss for a Refined and Sophisticated Look

Well made lips can add grace to anyone’s face and a warm and friendly touch to their smile. Every woman craves to have attractive lips because when made up properly, lips have an inherent capability of transforming the appearance of the entire face. However, giving your lips such an attractive appearance not only requires natural care and attention but also wise makeup. A sparkling lip gloss is one such fashion accessory that can give a luscious look to your lips, making them eye catching and appealing.

It is certainly not enough to have a sparkling lip gloss in your makeup kit to make you appear elegant and chic. Choice of color of the gloss as per the occasion, dress and skin tone is important since it can either make or break the appearance of your lips.

sparkling lip gloss

If you want to ride high on finesse and sophistication, here are some sparkling lip gloss color suggestions:


One of the most widely subscribed to and trendiest color of lip gloss is golden. Not only does it appear to be the choice of the uber rich, but also a shade of lip gloss known for the sophistication that it adds to the lips of the wearer. This shade is a king among lip gloss colors of both day and night. It imparts an unparalleled shine to the lips besides a high glossy finish. Its versatility quotient is very high as it can be applied over lipstick of any color to add glitter.


A vibrant and fiery red sparkling lip gloss is a treat to the onlooker’s eyes. While shopping around for sparkling red lip gloss, make sure you do not settle for anything less such as strawberry. The bright red lip gloss gives your lips a festive feel and makes you feel elegant in your own unique way. Red goes well with almost all skin tones and when you team it up with a black dress, you reach the pinnacle of refined and sophisticated looks. During day time sparkling red lip gloss can act as a lipstick as well go well with nude tones of blush and eye shadow.

sparkling lip gloss 2Orange

It shall be wise to accept that carrying sparkling orange lip gloss well is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you can pull it off in style and plush elegance, you will stop nothing short of being the show-stopper of the evening. Orange lip gloss works well with fair skins since it has a remarkable capability of brightening up your face instantly. Just pair up a little eye pencil makeup with orange sparkle lip gloss and enjoy heads turning towards you.


This is one color that never goes out of style and is known to be the shade of the rich and famous. Shimmery bronze goes well with brown tone lipsticks or when used without them, it gives a remarkably nude appearance to your lips.


Purple adds affluence to your lips. Dark purple sparkling lip gloss with a hint of maroon in it is enough to achieve a great lip color even without any lipstick in the background. Purple can also be used to tone down any lipstick shade that appears to be too loud for the occasion.


All those craving for a dark lip have a savior in the form of a plum colored lip gloss. Plum lip gloss is perfect when your aim is to have more class and less drama in your vanity case. Sparkling plum lip gloss is a perfect companion for night outs.

Use the Right Sparkling Lip gloss for the Right Occasion

With the availability of mineral lip gloss in sparkling colors, you are spared of worries about the harmful effects of sparkling lip glosses on your lips. The lip gloss colors suggested above can go a long way in providing you a fine and sophisticated look that you so dearly desire.

This article was contributed by Pauline Youngblood, founder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Pauline draws inspiration from nature as well as her own practical experience as a paramedical aestheticism to dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Understanding Skin Peels: Choosing & Using the Right One

Understanding Skin PeelsFor so many people, skin peels are the kind of stuff best avoided or left to the guys who make horror movies. Due to experience, stories heard, movies watched and to some, even pop legend Michael Jackson’s latter physical appearance, anything with the word ‘chemical’ in it should be avoided.

Well, perhaps it would help to understand the concept of chemical peels (skin peels or face peels) depending on application. It might be the difference between unrivaled beauty and horror dates.

Early History of Skin Peels

Early civilizations like Egypt figured out early enough that to be noticed by Pharaoh took a lot more than intelligence. They thus traveled far and wide in search of any chemical peel or face peel that they could apply in order to fight those unwanted effects of skin exposure to light mostly known as free radicals and came back with great success.

It is from those ancient civilizations that we also derive our inspiration, powered by great advances in medicine and technology to make possible some of the finest skin and face peels of the modern era.

Many a skin peel today is filled with ingredients and boosters that aid in fights against acne (whiteheads and blackheads on skin), fine lines and wrinkles, melasma among others.

Most common ingredients include vitamin c, Grape seed, retinol, etc that are incorporated into the products in their original form in order for them to have their natural effect on the skin and face.

The human skin is daily exposed to the rigors of this world- sun-light and industrial fumes affect us constantly as does natural aging among other issues. The result is that we are faced with a constant battle with free radicals that damage our skin cells and clog our skin pores. There has to be a way to ward them off, to unclog the clogged pores so that our skin can ‘breath’ and rebuild our damaged cells.

Choosing the Right Skin Peel

A face peel or skin/ chemical peel is supposed to be applied after figuring out what the skin needs. A person battling with acne needs a skin peel that treats acne (or face peel depending on affected part) and a person who is aiming to age gracefully also needs to apply chemical peels that rejuvenate and moisturize the skin consistently.

Understanding what your skin needs is paramount if you are going to register great success with skin peels. Seeking professional advice is a good start, knowing where to buy what at the correct price is just as important as there are very many fakes on the market both in personnel and products.

Lastly, listen to the great testimonies of success with any skin or face peel just as eagerly as you listen to those that detract from the importance of these products. This is because buried beneath those destructive comments are some of the best beauty success stories you will ever hear. Skin peels are here to help, not destroy and every celebrity or beauty you admire is a testimony to that.

is the author of this article. She is owner of homepeel founded in 2006. Homepeel offers salon quality skin peels for home use at a fraction of the cost. Their full range of products is made in Australia.

Moisturize To Maintain Younger Looking Skin

When we were younger we never had to worry about moisturizing our face in order to have the healthy young looking glow; it’s the gift of youth. A flawless, supple and firm face is something older people covet and younger people take for granted. As we grow older, like it or not, our skin starts to sag and lose its natural youthful glow – more so if you live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some detrimental habits developed over time could include smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. These things hasten the aging process and damage cells resulting to dull skin and illness. You can’t stop aging; its life’s normal cycle, but you can slow it down if you know how to live your life well. Everything is just a matter of living it right.Aging Skin

The most effective way to maintain that healthy looking skin is to moisturize. Our skin is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day. If those toxins are not enough, we add more to it with the food that we eat. Moisturizing can be any form of cream or lotion that you can use over your face and neck; the ones mostly exposed to sun and damage.

You should choose the best one that suits your lifestyle and skin type. Not all products that work for one will work for you. We all have different skin types and pH and we should be careful with the products that we use. You have to find out your skin type and whether or not you are allergic to some ingredients; we use moisturizers to make us look young and healthy and not add more problem with breakouts that can be serious.

You need to moisturize in the morning before you leave your house and at night time before you sleep. There are day and night creams to act and address different skin needs. During the daytime we need moisturizers that hydrate the skin as well as protect it from sun and damage. At night time the cream not only moisturizes but also repairs the skin from exposure. This regimen will not only relax you but also ensure you are taking good care of your skin and giving it the much needed attention.

While there are so many different kinds of moisturizers in the market that we can choose from it is better to make us of the basic ones with natural ingredients. Chemicals are harmful and it can really cause undue damage to your skin that can be irreversible. And while moisturizers are the best way to protect the skin, you also need to remember that drinking plenty of water helps a lot. Drinking water is very good for the skin and it improves its texture and elasticity.

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Guinot Sun Care

Guinot is well known for its skin care spas around the world. It is probably the most famous of all skin care providers. Their products and spa services are available in the US and around the world.

Guinot Institute of Paris was founded by a French chemist Ren Guinot. They have been successful in their beauty treatments for more than 40 years. They are well known for their Hydradermie skin treatments. All their products are available online. Their special services and products are in skin care, body care, and sun care.

In sun care, they have: sun protection, self tanning, and after sun moisturizers. One of the items I like is the After Sun Intensive Recovery lotion which calms the redness and nourishes your skin. This also helps in prolonging the tan as well. Just thinking about it brings me back to the beach and the pool, ah!

Guinot InstituteThe self tanning products they carry are: Self-Tanning for Body, Summer Radiance Self-Tan for Face, and Hydrabronze. The Hydrabronze is a moisturizing lotion for both the face and the body. It’s a gradual self tanning lotion that works mostly as a daily moisturizer. It softens the skin and gives it have a very natural, lightly tanned glow.

The self tanning creams are made for your body and for the more tender areas of your face. The Summer Radiance Self Tan for Face is a lightly tinted gel that gives your skin a nice glow throughout the year. It helps moisturize your skin and gives it a natural sun tanned look. Its key ingredients are: DHA, EXSY-ARL, hydrocyte complex, and copper gluconate.

The Self-Tanning for Body is a spray lotion that is easy and safe to apply. The key ingredients are DHA, Aloe, Mimosa Tree, Caramel Coloring. Just a note, when using a self tan, it’s best to stay out of sunlight within the first 24 hours, unless you have sunblock on.

Another item, the Sun Care Shower Gel, for use after swimming, removes UV filters and sunscreen. It also nourishes your skin, neutralizing the effects of salt water and chlorine. Its two key ingredients are: Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E.

Guinot online has luxury skin care creams and lotions as well. The skin creams come in different types, for different kinds of skin. They know that they have to specialize for different skin types to make their products work best. They are also available on websites in the United States.

They include cleansers, moisturizers, toners, serums, exfoliators, treatments, masks, eye care, lightening, and products for men. It’s good to visit their website and explore their products. Finding them online to purchase is easy to do, once you know the ones you want to try. For more reviews of Guinot products visit


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Improve Your Appearance at a Salon and Spa

Appearance is a funny thing. It is something people fret over, work on, and spend a great deal of money to improve. It can feel like it is an intrinsic part of a person’s identity—their curly hair or their imposing height or their megawatt smile or piercing eyes. It is also something that people hope not to be judged on or by, and that many will often declare is completely irrelevant (a declaration many times made on a social media platform below a well-angled and expertly-filtered selfie).

The fact is, though, that appearance matters on some level. It is not the sum of who you are, but it can help give others clues about that, so it is important to consider your appearance and the message you are sending to the world about who you are. If you are not certain that message is pitch-perfect, it may be time for some outside input, such as from the professionals at a place like HairVenture Salon and Spa. Hairstylists and estheticians have the training, expertise, and experience to help you reveal your inner beauty on the outside.

The first step for most people will be to change up their hair. A lot of people get stuck in a hair rut at some point. They find a cut they like and they hold on to it for too long. Maybe it’s out of style or maybe it’s just not doing them any favors anymore as their face has changed with time or their personal style has evolved in a different direction. Fortunately, that’s simple to fix.A good cut and color can do amazing things for the face, highlighting features that should be noticed and seemingly brightening the skin. Consulting with a master cutter and colorist with an open mind and trusting their advice is a good way to break out of a box.

After hair comes, well, hair—but of a different sort. This time, it’s the hair on a person’s face that needs attention. One of the best and simplest things a person can do for their appearance is groom their eyebrows. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to go about doing that and often end up making a mess of them. Instead of taking matters into their own hands, they should let an experienced esthetician shape them. A proper shape will frame the eyes and help structure the entire face. Once the brows are under control, it’s time to address the matter of facial hair. Unwanted hair needs to be waxed off, and beards and mustaches need to be groomed appropriately and kept scrupulously clean.

Good skin care is important, too, so people ought to ask their esthetician how best to address their skin concerns. The right regimen can result in a clear complexion and glowing skin, which will further enhance the effects of the other work done. Love it or hate it, the way you look is anything but inconsequential. Get expert help in making the most of what you’ve got from professionals like those at HairVenture Salon and Spa.

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Tanning Can help You Beat The Inversion Effects

Seasonal TanningWhile the winter inversion has taken hold of Salt Lake City early this year, Orem has been a little less clouded in. However, when an inversion begins or comes on full force, it’s time to do something about it. Inversions aren’t only bad for your physical health, they are bad for your mental health as well. To combat the effects, try getting up into the mountains for a while. Head to St. George, or, if you can’t get away, try tanning in Orem.

The Mountain Escape

January is a great time to hit the slopes in Utah. It’s just a bit on the cold side for those out-of-town visitors and the resorts typically see a drop off in visitors after the New Year. If you’re a skier, there’s no better time for fresh snow and short lift lines. There are many resorts to choose from. Some offer everything from a shuttle ride in from the parking lot to gourmet cookies and hot cocoa. Other offer fewer amenities but still have great runs. Whatever resort you pick, be sure to spend as much time as you can on the slopes and not inside the lodge.

If skiing isn’t your thing, and it’s surprising how many Utahans are missing out, then you can try snow shoeing or simply hiking. A walk in Park City is better than a walk in the inversion. Take a little time off this weekend and feed your body and soul in the world-class mountains of Park city.

St. George

While St. George has experienced a own cold spell this year, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a trip down. You can spend hours hiking in Snow Canyon or riding 4-wheelers on groomed trails. Zion’s canyon is always open and always a treat. When you go during a different time of year, you’ll get a whole different vacation.

If you dress warm, you may be able to golf. But, you can always pop over to Mesquite for an afternoon on the greens. Not only will you breath in healthy air and combat the effects of the inversion, you’ll work muscles you haven’t worked in a while. A little exercise is always a good thing.


Because people spend so much time indoors, it can be difficult for their body to produce enough Vitamin D. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that Vitamin D is essential for the formation, growth, and repair of bones, for calcium absorption and proper immune function. It’s no wonder people get sick more often in the winter. If they aren’t getting Vitamin D to help their immune system then they are susceptible to viruses and colds.

Vitamin D can also help you maintain a healthy body weight, think straight, and decrease asthma symptoms. Your body can’t produce the vitamin unless you are exposed to UV rays. If you can’t spend enough time in the sun, responsible tanning in Orem is an alternative. A short visit a couple of times a week can give you the boost you need to feel healthy and strong, inversion or no.


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How to Use a Derma Roller for Acne Scars

How to Use a Derma RollerEvery person, woman or man, has something they’d like to change about themselves. Most women crave healthy, glowing skin, free from acne scars and wrinkles. While you may have had great skin when you were young, time has a way of robbing that glow. A derma roller can help restore your youthful appearance. This article will give you some tips on how to use a derma roller for acne.

How It Works

A roller is a unique tool used by dermatologists, estheticians, and cosmetic surgeons to reduce acne scars, encourage the natural development of collagen, and minimize small lines and wrinkles. When the skin is damaged, it produces collagen to help repair the area. When you gently cause controlled damage to the top layer of skin, you trick the skin into releasing more collagen. The collagen will help your skin become healthier and stronger as it repairs damage and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

A roller has been shown to reduce blemishes, scarring, and the appearance of stretch marks. It can be used on other areas of the body besides the face. Check the manufacturer’s instructions or consult with a dermatologist before you begin treatment of stretch marks or scars on other areas of your body besides the face.


What you want to look for in needles is a .5 length. Anything longer and you’ll need a numbing cream to use before you start rolling. When you have your roller applied at a salon, they will use longer needles and numb you before they start. Because they are trained in how to use the longer needles without causing damage, you can feel secure in their treatments.

You’ll also want to look for a roller that has sharp needles. Dull needles will have to force their way through the skin while sharper needles provide the pricking sensation that gives you the desired results.

How to Use a Derma Roller - Before and After

Derma Roller Use – Before and After

How to Use a Derma Roller

It’s important that you wash and blot dry your face before you start using a roller. You also want to disinfect your roller each time you use it. Do this right before you start rolling.

Pick a small section of your face and roll up and down about 10 times. Then, pick up the roller and change directions so that you roll side to side about 10 times. Pick up the roller once again and roll diagonally across that same area about 10 times again. Once you have covered each direction, pick up the roller and move it to a new section. Because the needles will grab your skin if pulled across them, it’s important that you pick up the roller to change directions. Never drag the roller sideways or yank it up or down to change directions.

You may also want to avoid the eye area as the skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your face.

Once you have finished rolling, your skin may appear pink or red. You have irritated your skin in a positive way and the change in color is a representation of that process. About an hour after using a derma roller, apply a quality moisturizer.

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Advantages of Mineral Makeup: See Why It’s Awesome

What are the advantages of mineral makeup? Advantages of Mineral MakeupMineral makeup is a widely known makeup all over the world. Of all the types of makeup, mineral makeup is the most sought after and this is primarily due to the fact that mineral makeup comes with various advantages and has negligible disadvantages unlike other forms of makeup. Due to this very reason, makeup experts all over the world and Hollywood celebrities are switching to mineral makeup. This article will enlist the benefits of mineral makeup and will help you understand the reason why mineral makeup is hailed all over the world.

Many magazines have labelled mineral makeup as ‘makeup with meaning’. Considering the benefits of mineral makeup, this statement hits right on the spot. Many people consider mineral makeup Australia up to be the extension of skin care due to its various advantages.

Advantages of Mineral Makeup over Traditional Makeup:

1. Beneficial for Acne Related Skin:

One of the major dilemmas of traditional makeup is that it clogs the pores and covers up the skin temporarily which ultimately leads to many skin diseases not to mention the fact that it totally jeopardizes your skin. Mineral makeup is a natural makeup that can be used on any type of skin, especially skin prone to acne.

2. Kills Bacteria:

Mineral makeup is synthesized in such a way that it has both inorganic minerals and is also oil free. Therefore it does not support the growth of bacteria and ends up killing them. This is why it is so good for the skin.

3. Gentle for Sensitive Skin Types:

Mineral makeup is gentle for all sensitive skin types. Since it is devoid of sensitisers like perfumes and other chemical dyes which tend to cause allergies, mineral makeup in essence plays a role to eliminate allergies. This is because it doesn’t contain all those chemicals which are widespread in causing allergies. Compared to traditional makeup which tends to cause a lot of skin allergies, as it contains various chemicals which are toxic to the skin, mineral makeup is better in this aspect that it doesn’t cause skin allergies and protects the skin.

4. Protection against UVA and UVB Rays:

The best advantage of mineral makeup is that it acts as a barrier against the sunlight and hence protects your skin. Therefore, it also protects against skin cancer which is caused by too much exposure to sunlight. Mineral makeup has zinc oxide as well as titanium oxide both of which are physical sunscreens and helps protect the skin against the rays of the sun. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide sit on the surface of the skin and are not absorbed by the skin. Zinc oxide is also an antioxidant and plays a vital role in protecting the skin against free radicals which are induced by oxidative damage.

Mineral makeup such as mineral makeup Australia Eco Minerals is widely known all over the world.


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Dry or Dehydrated Skin: Is There Any Difference?

Dry or Dehydrated SkinAlthough it is the largest organ in your body, your skin is also the most sensitive. Different weather conditions, lotions or moisturizers that you apply on your skin and even the amount of water that you drink are important factors to determine whether your skin is healthy or not. The thing is that your skin may be completely dry or simply dehydrated. Now that’s the problem. Unless you know what exactly your skin’s problem is, you will not know how to solve the dry problem or the dehydrated thing.

Dry VS Dehydrated

Determining whether your skin is dry or dehydrated is pretty easy. You already know how enough water makes your skin well moisturized even without the lotion, right? And there’s a pretty good explanation for it. Your epidermis contains about 80% of water (that’s only for the deepest parts of your skin cells). The rest of the 20% is found in your stratum corneum which is the outermost layer of your epidermis. Actually, they only contain at least 10% and when the water levels of your stratum corneum are less than the prescribed 10%, that’s when the dehydration seeps in. Therefore, having a dehydrated skin is just saying that your skin holds water a little less than it should. In short, it lacks moisture while a dry skin is a matter of lack of natural oil.

What causes dry and dehydrated skin?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your having a dry and dehydrated skin. It could be a matter of heredity, skin products or your own doing; your lifestyle has something to do with it too you know. But just so you know whether your skin is more dry or dehydrated or both, here are some aspects to look out.

Dry skin is typically caused by:

  • Genetics
  • Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema or ichthyosis
  • Aging
  • Underactive thyroid glands
  • Menopause
  • Continuous use of astringents
  • Strong acne medication, skincare products or harsh cleansers

Dehydrated skin is typically caused by:

  • Too much exposure to the sun, wind or cold conditions.
  • Taking hot showers/baths for too long.
  • Alcohol, caffeine and any diuretic drinks
  • Smoking
  • Taking too much of salty foods

Now that you know the difference between dry and dehydrated skin and the factors that affects them, here are some quick and easy to follow lifestyle remedies that you can do.

  • Use lukewarm water when bathing and keep your bathing/showering time as brief as possible.
  • Use friendly skin soaps that will not be too harsh on your skin; mild soaps and cleansers with the prescribe skin pH of 5.5 would be best for you.
  • Apply moisturizers to your skin.
  • Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells in your body and help your skin absorb more water and moisturize better.
  • Drink the prescribed 8-10 glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Keep your coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks to a minimum.
  • Snack on plenty of fresh juicy fruits for natural and nutritious water content.
  • Eat fatty fish like salmon and sardines for a rich source of oil for your skin,
  • Do with some supplements for your skin like Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Limit your skin exposure over the sun, dry or humid weather conditions. If you want to spend your day under the sun, make sure that you protect your skin with a sunscreen.

Easy, isn’t it? And it will be easier. You will be more beautiful and you’ll feel better about yourself with a moisturized, healthy looking skin.

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Protect the Health and Wellness of Your Skin

UVA & UVB Rays on SkinIf you’re like most people, you probably care somewhat about being well and caring for your body and all of its unseen-yet-vital mechanisms. You likely know a few things about how your body works and what its various organs do and what it takes to keep them healthy. You know that you need exercise for your heart, lungs, arteries, and digestive system. You know that you need to eat well for those organs as well as your brain, liver, and nervous system.

But there’s one organ that you are probably neglecting more than any of them — and it’s the biggest one you have. You can see it without any special instruments or imagery, and yet you forget about it on a daily basis. It’s your skin — and it requires the same love and care as your internal organs, even though you probably aren’t doling it out. To learn more about how to give it what it needs, read on or click here.

Like every other organ and system in your body, your skin derives many benefits from a healthful diet and adequate exercise. Good food provides the necessary vitamins and nutrients to enable skin to heal and repair itself, and to make the new cells better than the ones that came before. The right diet lends your skin luminosity, vitality, and that all-important glow. Eating plenty of green vegetables, fruits high in antioxidants like Vitamin C, lean protein, and sources of omega fatty acids such as fish and flax seed, will give your skin a boost. Exercise is important because it increases the flow of oxygen, blood, and nutrients directly to your skin’s regenerating layer, which improves the ability of cells to turn over and provides the new cells with an extra dose of the things they need.

Diet and exercise aren’t all your skin needs from you, though. Because of its unique position as an organ that is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, your skin needs a few things in addition to eating well and getting your blood pumping — the first of which is protection. There are a lot of things that wear on your skin — wind, cold, dry air, stress — and, unless you live in a cave, the worst offender is the sun. Not only does it cause premature aging with its UVA rays, it can cause sunburns and even cancer.

For this reason, it is crucial that you wear a sunscreen every day on all exposed skin. Make sure the sunscreen you choose is labeled as broad-spectrum, which means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you can’t see the sun, it won’t hurt you. UV rays can penetrate cloud cover and still damage your skin, which means you need to wear sunscreen no matter the weather.

Every skin type and condition requires further specific care with quality products designed to address certain needs. In order to ensure the optimum health of your most exposed organ, click here to learn more about what your skin requires.


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